Save Our Birds Requests Early Discovery in Lawsuit Against CDFA

Save our Birds has filed an ex parte request to the Court for an order allowing it to conduct discovery earlier than is otherwise permitted by the Rules of Court. (Discovery is the process of obtaining information and evidence from opposing parties.) The Save Our Birds ex parte application should be decided at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, June 10, 2019 and is accessible here.

To help prepare or request for a restraining order to stop inhumane euthanizations we are requesting documents from CDFA to justify the quarantine and killings, testimony from Dr. Annette Jones, the State Veterinarian who issued the quarantine order, and documents and testimony relating to CDFA’s quarantine and depopulation plans.

Help with expenses is still needed. The state will have an army of lawyers and scientists to defend Dr. Jones’s orders. Save Our Birds’ needs your help. To help with expenses, please contribute through their GoFundMe page.